Sretlaw Labradors.

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My love of Labradors began in 1973 when we had a 9 year old rescue black Labrador, Whisky.  He was only with us for 2 years but was a much loved family member.

Then along came Corrie (Sretlaw Ace) in 1977

. She was a Sandylands Mark granddaughter and taught us so much about the Labrador temperament, intelligence and the will to please everybody. She was with us for 18 wonderful years

I decided that I wanted to show and breed and in 1978 applied for my affix “ Sretlaw “ which is Walters in reverse

In 1980 we purchased a yellow bitch Rocheby Topaz at Sretlaw and this was the foundation bitch of my kennel. She produced some lovely labradors which had the most wonderful temperament. I love the type she produced the good bone,strong quarters the lovely otter tails which I still have to this day.

I have been fortunate in having a small kennel that has produced numerous Labradors that have their stud book numbers which qualifies them to exhibit at Crufts for life  

Several Sretlaw dogs have been made up to champions in Europe and further afield.  Sretlaw Spring Connection with Foxrush owned by Judith Charlton gained her Show Champion  title this year 2010

My children and grandchildren have grown up with Labradors. On one occasion I remember us looking everywhere for our grandson who had left his bed when he was 2 years old and we found him and the dog  asleep in the dog bed. This is one of the many memories that I treasure and just reinforces my love of our breed and its wonderful and very important temperament.